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From the August 2019 Webinar, Maximizing Your Quality Score: Beyond the Basics for Solo and Small Group Practices

Why do some measures only have a 3-point maximum?

Quality measures submitted for the 2019 performance year will receive between 1 and 10 measure achievement points. There are two reasons why you might receive a 3 on a Quality measure. The first is if your Quality measure meets the data completeness criteria, but either doesn’t have a benchmark and/or the volume of cases you’ve submitted is insufficient (less than 20 cases for most measures). The second reason you could receive a 3 on a Quality measure is if you are a small practice with 15 or fewer eligible clinicians, and your Quality measure does not meet the data completeness requirement. Please note that this does to apply to CMS Web Interface measures and administrative claims-based measures. For more information please see the 2019 MIPS Quality User Guide.

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