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From the June 2019 Webinar, How to Succeed in the Promoting Interoperability Category for Solo and Small Group Practices

We are having problems with HIE as it is impossible to get a report electronically when we refer out, any suggestions?

This is an issue that many providers struggle with in their regions. One Technical Assistance Contractor offered the advice that you could call your most frequently referred to practices or facilities and see if they would work with you on the bilateral exchange of information because they may have the same measures that you are trying to meet. You could also become part of your state’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) to potentially improve the transfer of information between your practice and other providers. If you are having issues generating your C-CDA files, please contact your EHR vendor. Keep in mind that the HIE measure’s exclusion can be claimed by any MIPS eligible clinician who transfers patients to another setting or refers a patient fewer than 100 times during the performance year. For other ideas on how to address this issue in your region, you can reach out to your Technical Assistance Contractor for additional free support. You can locate your local Technical Assistance Contractor at

Read the Q&A document for more answers to your questions.

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